mardi 19 juin 2012

Chanel se moque du monde

Titre original :


La palette de quatre fards coute pour  un total de 1,2g :

En France env. € 45.--  = USA $ 57.23 = CHfrs 54.05

En Suisse env. CHfrs.77.- = €64.--soit US $ 81.53 .-- 

1,2g représente la quantité de un fard MAC.

Pour les USA La palette de quatre fards coute pour 6,8g :

US $ 58.-- sur le site US

... :-(

Je vous invite à lire l'excellent et très complet article de sweetmakeuptemptations cela vous donnera l'occasion de découvrir un blog génial !!

Voici la copie du e-mail de Chanel en réponse à Gossmakeupartist


In response to your recent You Tube video about Chanel eye shadows, please
find attached a statement from Chanel. We hope this will be helpful to you
and please direct any questions to either myself or Penelope Cross in the
Chanel UK press office.

Chanel would like to respond to questions raised on the differences noted
between Quadra eye shadow sold in the US and in the UK: The difference in
weight between these two products is due to different manufacturing
techniques (baked shadow and powder shadow) and ingredients (pigments,
binders). The density is also different in the baked shadow sold in the UK
and many other markets which has a lighter texture compared to powder eye
shadow sold in the US. This is why the weight of the two products is
different. However, both products are similar in terms of quality and the
length of time they last.


Thank you for taking the time and writing me. Believe me its much appreciated. I have read your e-mail thoroughly.

The problem that i have, and i think many other people have, is that it doesn't answer the question as to why the grams are so low. While i understand that the processing is different (and i'm still unsure why we have baked in one country and non-baked in another) what this amounts to is a product that contains 4.8grams of eyeshadow less (weight) and a sheerer application! So in order to achieve higher levels of pigmentation we would need to use more! You can see my issue!

While its probably something i don't think we will agree on i cannot thank you enough for e-mailing me. I really appreciate it.

Fingers crossed the US eyeshadows come to the UK soon :)

Bravo Chanel, alors ça c'est une réponse ...
A bientôt.

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  1. Bonjour Marie, Merci beaucoup :)
    C'est allucinant... et j'aimerais vraiment comprendre pourquoi la formule américaine, puisqu'elle est clairement meilleure, n'est pas distribuée ailleurs qu'en Amérique, déjà là je trouve que c'est très dommage...
    A très bientôt :)